Gran Canaria Cycle Tours

Ride impeccable ocean roads, through canyons and lush green mountains this winter and discover the island's hidden gems.

Welcome to GC Cycling! Bringing you guided cycle tours from Gran Canaria, one of the world’s most beautiful and challenging winter cycling destinations. From our fully guided weeks staying in 5* hotels to single day guiding in your own self catered villa with our bespoke offerings we have you and your group covered.

Our tours


January/May tours

Vuelta a Casa
Gran Canaria
1 January 2020 - 31 May 2020
Until we kick this thing
Up to 8 people. Non-riding partners welcome.
All abilities

We've been on lockdown now since March 14th, for the foreseeable future our tours are confined to our dreams whilst we ride this thing out on our rollers. A big shout out to all the medical teams, street cleaners, store staff and all essential workers here on the island (and all over the world) who are still keeping life going. When we kick this thing (and we will) we'll be up and riding again and look forward to sharing our freedom with you on this beautiful island. Until then stay safe, stay home and whether your giving your body a break or battling to stay strong wishing you and your families a peaceful and healthy quarantine.

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February tours

Epic Gran Canaria and Tenerife
Only 2 places remaining
Gran Canaria and Tenerife
12 - 24 February 2020
13 days | 12 nights
Up to 6 people. Non-riding partners welcome.
H10 Playa Meloneras Palace
H10 Atlantic Sunset

This week we ride the Epic Gran Canaria sportive as well as taking an excursion to Mt Teide on our neighbouring island of Tenerife and if that's not enough, at the end of the week we take a few days to explore the very best of Gran Canaria. This week is jam packed with riding, and exploring.

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March tours

Gran Canaria Spring Explorer
Gran Canaria Spring Explorer
14 - 21 March 2020
8 days | 7 nights
Up to 8 people. Non-riding partners welcome.
H10 Playa Meloneras Palace
All abilities

Our 7 day island tours are designed to suit every rider whether you are here to escape the winter and enjoy the sun or have a specific training goal in mind. Each day we adapt the routes subject to weather as well as group and individual rider request. We’ll have a minimum of 2 guides on the road split into groups and on occasion they’ll be a following support car enabling all riders to enjoy the wild and exquisitely beautiful North West coast.

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March tours

Gran Canaria Bespoke
Gran Canaria Late Spring
24 - 31 March 2020
7 Nights
Up to 8 people. Non-riding partners welcome.
Gloria Palace Amadores Hotel
All abilities

Bespoke Tour

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Located just off the coast of West Africa, Gran Canaria boasts favourable weather all year round. Cycling here is a real paradise, ocean roads, canyons and lush green mountains all accessible on impeccable roads make this island a cyclist’s playground.

We show you all the secret spots as well as the more popular routes, take you to the best back street bakeries and ride stops and tailor each day to accomodate every need. So whether you are training for a 2020 goal, or wanting to mix the business of cycling with some beach side pleasure, we have it all.


If you don’t see a date that fits your calendar, we are located here on the island and can offer bespoke weeks to suit any budget.