In consideration of GC Cycling arranging for me to take part in my booked cycling tour I understand and agree that:

1. I am required to comply with all statutory and legal requirements when participating in the tour, including but not limited to all road traffic laws.

2. I am physically capable of taking part and have no medical condition which would affect my participation in the tour.

3. I have provided accurate information about my cycling experience and ability and I confirm that I am competent enough to participate in my chosen tour.

4. I am solely responsible for my possessions. GC Cycling accepts no risk for any damage to, or loss of, my property whilst taking part in the tour.

5. I am responsible for the condition and maintenance of the bike I use on the tour and any other equipment I bring to or use on the tour.

6. GC Cycling gives no guarantee or warranty in respect of any maintenance or repairs carried out at my request on any bike or other equipment.

7. GC Cycling will not be liable for any damage to my property as a result of any maintenance or repairs carried out at my request on any bike or other equipment.

8. Any medical or legal assistance which I require on the tour will be arranged by GC Cycling on my behalf and will be provided at my expense and risk.

9. I have provided emergency contact details and authorise GC Cycling to contact that person in the event of an emergency.

10. In the event of any medical emergency, I authorise GC Cycling to arrange any necessary medical or surgical treatments and to sign any required form of consent on my behalf.

11. Cycling is a physically strenuous activity and there are risks and dangers inherent in taking part in the tour. These include the risk of injury and death and loss of or damage to my property. I accept full responsibility for these risks and I agree that GC Cycling and its employees are released from any liability resulting from my injury or death or any loss of or damage to my property incurred during the tour.