Riding on Gran Canaria


Located just north of the equator, Gran Canaria enjoys fair to warm weather all year round. The main cycling season runs from November to April when the Northern hemisphere is in the cold season. Temperatures hover around 21ºC (70ºF), typically the heat is dry and comfortable, ideal for cycling. The coast can have some wind so rides are planned around which direction it’s blowing on any given day. In the valleys and mountains the trees provide some shelter on the warm days and the regular cafe’s, and road side stalls offer respite and welcome refreshments.


The scenery and terrain on GC is hugely diverse, stunning ocean rides, lush green pine forests, tiny white walled Canarian villages and of course the infamous ocre canyons and rock formations of the mountains. Riding here is predominantly mountainous, elevation can be gained very easily, making it the ideal training ground for summer events such as the Haute Route, Etape du Tour and the Maratona as well as prepping for holidays in destinations like the Alps, Pyreenes and Dolomites.

Riding here offers every kind of climb, from short steep efforts to a 44km climb from sea level up to the islands highest point at 1949m rivalling any of the more well known climbs in three big European regions. There are valley rides and pretty loops hidden all over the island, more than enough to keep the explorers intrigued.

Gravel Enthusiast? As well as road cycling, there is a huge network of gravel riding available on the island, just ask us for details on a bespoke gravel tour.

Food and Cafes

Everything from boutique ice-cream parlours, to vegan only restaurants! Gran Canaria is enjoyed by beach lovers as well as serious sports enthusiasts, and the food choices here are vast. You can enjoy local Canarian fresh foods as well as more well known home comforts. Gran Canaria is a large producer of fruits such as bananas, mangos and citrus fruits which are readily available all over the island. There is a definite vegan / vegetarian movement, with several vegan and homemade as well as home grown only restaurants dotted around so no matter what your food preference, you will be well covered. On the rides you will never be too far away from a supermarket or local cafe, outside of the main towns, the tiny local supermarkets can be found nested in the smallest roads offering drinks, bocadillos (fresh sandwich) and ice-creams. The best places for a great ride stop are one of Gran Canaria’s bakeries, there are several ‘secret’ spots with the best sandwiches and little cakes to make any ride worthy of the effort. The island is also famous for producing almonds, as well as the beautiful almond blossom season, the magic happens when the artisan bakeries make their almond delights - sampling these is a must!

Other Sport on GC

The island is hugely proactive when it comes to all kinds of sport. There are many high class cyclo sportives, as well as trail runs, and triathlons. In addition to this, there are an abundance of other activities if you were joined by a non-riding partner. Hiking, swimming, E-biking, mountain biking and roller skiing can all be enjoyed.

Roads and Drivers

We cyclists do love a tarmac chat and GC has first class road conditions. The main and often not so main roads have glass like tarmac, the stuff we all dream of! Really it’s the best!

The local drivers here are very accustomed to cyclists and as a general rule (there are always exceptions) drivers here are possibly the most courteous of any country we have ridden in. Spanish law means drivers are fully responsible should an incident occur with a cyclist no matter what the circumstance, so if you’ve ever ridden in Spain and experienced the driver courtesy you can expect the same here on Gran Canaria.

Patience must be observed with some of the tourist drivers as they of course are enjoying the fabulous scenic roads too 😉